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Gimme a B!

July 2, 2013

Do you remember my word of the year?  It is HABITS.  I have not written much about it but have been trying to live it.

The B in HABITS is for budget, everyone’s favorite word.

Like most others, I am living with financial uncertainty.  Unlike many others, nothing is particularly wrong right now.

My circumstances:

  • Being sick is expensive.  A lot of doctor visits.  A lot of tests.  A lot of medications.  I have medical insurance but the parts that are not covered increase our monthly expenses noticeably.
  • My work future is uncertain.  Things are going well for me at work — really, really well.  Despite this, I feel like I live with a knife hanging over my head.  If this disease gets worse…  If I have to quit my job…  Since I can not see the future, uncertainty blooms.
  • My husband works a corporate job.  His company recently had a huge layoff.  He was spared this time, but…

While my husband and I are both working and we can pay our bills, it seems like a perfect time to take steps toward financial security.  I believe it is unlikely we will be able to achieve that goal, but I would like to get as close to it as possible.

This week we took a step to save some money.

I recently bought a new car so I could give my daughter a good/used car.  This left the not-so-good/used car that she had been driving as an extra car.

Selling that extra car brought along some financial benefits:

  1. the proceeds of the sale
  2. the refund from the registration
  3. no longer paying car insurance on it

This puts a small (very small!) sum of money in our pockets at once and lowers our monthly bills buy a few dollars.

Stay tuned for more money saving efforts.


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