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Encountering God: Close to Home

July 2, 2013

It has rained for weeks and weeks.  It is hot and sticky and easy to give in and rest in my one air-conditioned room.  Knowing that I need exercise to remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible has been causing me much inner turmoil.  I could not stand it any longer and agreed (with myself) to walk for 30 minutes outside in this disgusting weather.

I walked down the front steps and picked my way down my long driveway full of potholes.  As I reached street level, I noticed a large brown shape on the other side of my towering azalea bush.  I peeked around the greenery and saw a deer.  It is not unusual for deer to be in my yard – I live in the woods on the Appalachian Trail in New York.  After eleven years in this house, I am still surprised and delighted to have close encounters with them.  She and I stared at each other for a few short moments and then she ran up toward my house.

I smiled and thanked God for the gift.  As soon as I turned from my driveway to the street I noticed a takeout container in the brush.  I thought, “God gave us this beautiful creation, and people destroy it by their careless actions.”  I was considering how this applies in situations other than nature when I looked across the street and saw a day lily growing defiantly in the drainage culvert under the road.



I marveled that God would reveal himself so quickly to me, “I have created a world for you which has been corrupted by sin.  I am still in control, though, and I continue to create beauty in the midst of ruin.”

God knocked my socks off this morning.

I look forward to seeing what beauty he can create in the midst of this disease.


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