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May 26, 2013

… for a well-placed railing.

I am working in New Mexico this week.  It is beautiful out here!  I am sleeping really well and really, really long.  That is very unusual for me.  I mentioned this to the folks I am working with and they reminded me that Albuquerque is at a high altitude and this is common.  Phew!  I feel pretty OK (normal ups and downs for me) and was hoping that over-sleeping was not a sign of trouble.

I taught classes for two days and then worked a trade show for three more days.  I held up pretty well.  I was leaving the convention hall this afternoon (my last day) with a professional contact when my leg gave out.  I grabbed a well-placed railing to avoid a full face-plant.  The railing was placed randomly next to a sidewalk — who puts those there?  I thank God for whoever did!   My coworker(?) asked, “Are you OK?”  I stood still, waiting for the pain to ease and the strength to return and replied, “No.”  I wish I could have given an answer that made her feel better, but none came to mind.  Maybe, “My cell phone is ringing”?  I’ll have to keep that answer in mind for the next emergency.

After a minute or two I continued my walk to the car.  I walked tentatively, but made it without further incident or injury.    

I decided to play it safe for the rest of the evening.  I called in a take-out order and am tucked away safely in my hotel.  

If any of you are architects or planners of public spaces, please consider placing railings as random gifts to folks like me.


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