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Doctor Day

April 1, 2013

Today is a Doctor Day.  My rheumatologist wanted to check up on me to see how everything has been going.  I had an early morning appointment and was in and out in 90 minutes.  This has to be a record of some sort.

The short version:

  1. No flares in 2 months.  Celebrate with me!
  2.  The doctor stressed how important it was to keep up with the ophthalmologist.  The super-dry-eye-thing could be from the disease and not a side-effect of the chemo-type drug.  I am being treated appropriately, but shes want the ophthalmologist on my speed dial. (He is.)
  3. My puffiness and bladder issues could be caused by my pain medication.  She wants me to taper off of it.  Um…… can I say no? (I said yes, but I’m not looking forward to this)
  4. After I am off the pain medication, if I still have bladder issues she thinks I might need to see a nephrologist as the disease can attack my kidneys and the problem might really be there instead of the bladder.
  5. She wants me on more steroids to see if they help with the joint pain.  Can I say no to that too? (I did say no)
  6. The random allergy attacks I am suddenly suffering could be from this disease.  My immune system is very messed up and it could be over-reacting to random things (pollen, dust, dogs, etc.)
  7. She increased my folic acid to help with the nausea and hair loss.

I think this is mostly good news?

I will visit her again in six weeks to see what comes next.




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  1. Well, I’m learning a lot about how fearfully and wonderfully made our bodies are.

  2. nolongeraboutme permalink

    I feel like my body is WOE-fully made sometimes.

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