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March 21, 2013

Last week I visited the ophthalmologist (I spelled it right on the first try!).  He has never seen anyone with Relapsing Polychondritis, but he remembers reading about it in eye-doctor school.  I expected that.  What I did not expect was the good news:  My eyes are nowhere near as bad as either of us expected them to be.  Yay!

The drugs that cause my hair to fall out also cause my eyes to become seriously dry.  This is usually treated by immunosuppressant eye drops as well as steroid eye drops.  Instead, I only need some over-the-counter drops to keep my eyes wet.

Celebrate with me!

I just survived a 19-day business trip.  I worked or traveled every. single. day.  I was pretty tired and worn down by the end of the trip, but so were my co-workers who do not have Relapsing Polychondritis.  Through my exhaustion, I was relieved to realize that working hard (and loving it!) did not make me any sicker.

I think that I have started a new phase of my relationship with this disease.  In the last five months, I have dealt with a difficult diagnosis and adjusted to some horrifying medications.  Since I now know that hard work has not made me any sicker, I can focus on the future and attempt to lose some weight and improve my fitness level  and maybe not walk with a cane anymore.

My goal for the last few years has been to run a half marathon.  I may never be able to accomplish this, but slow and sensible training (walking 30 minutes a few times a week for starters) sounds like a great idea to me and my doctor agrees.

Watch me go!


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  1. This made made me smile.
    I am so blessed to know you.

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