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Doctor Day; Or, You Want to Put a Camera WHERE?

February 20, 2013

I spent this morning half dressed in the presence of a man that I do not particularly like and I let him violate me.  Can you think of a better way to spend a morning?

The tests ruled out everything they hoped to rule out.

Last week’s tests revealed something on my spleen that we are just going to “watch.”  They were not specifically looking at my spleen, but they found something while they were looking in that general area.  I do not think I have used the word “spleen” twice in my life, let alone twice in a paragraph.

The good news:  this doctor made a much better second impression than a first one.  It is good not to hate one’s doctors.

I get to spend this afternoon continuing yesterday afternoon’s argument with my medical insurance company.  They admit that they told the pharmacy not to fill two prescriptions and that they should not have denied coverage.  Getting them to fix the problem (and get me my needed medications!) is apparently a long process.

I need chocolate.


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