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Doctor day x 2, with a bonus!

January 30, 2013

Today was a doctor day.  A looooong doctor day.


10:15 am   Leave house and hit approximately 4,500 red lights on the way to the doctor

11:05 am   Get to doctor, LATE.  Ugh!

11:20 am    Meet my new primary doctor for a physical.  She has never encountered Relapsing Polychondritis in person and thinks it is rather “neat-o”.  Other than the whole “disease” thing, she pronounces me in fairly good health.  With great seriousness, she tells me that I should lose some weight.  Thank you, Dr. Obvious.

12:00 pm    Go to lab.  Try to decide whether I wish they would do my urine sample first or my blood test first, since I really had to go to the bathroom but I hadn’t eaten yet and was getting a little wooly-headed.

12:10 pm    Waiting for doctor #2.  Was five minutes early.  Yay!  Drank some yummy veggie juice and broke my fast.

1:45 pm      Saw doctor #2.  She was 90 minutes late.  She is doubling my folic acid and increasing the chemo drug 50%.  She wanted me on maintenance steroids but I told her politely “you aren’t the boss of me.”  That discussion has been tabled until the next appointment.  She is concerned about my dizziness and told me that I cannot go to the gym until it is under control.  I requested that she speak with doctor #1 about that.

3:00 pm     Went to pharmacy.  They give me bonus dollars when I refill prescriptions, which I did today.  I then spent the bonus dollars on chocolate, for my husband (wink, wink).  The pharmacy needs to either 1) let me spend my bonus dollars on actual drugs or 2) convince doctor #1 that I do not need to lose weight.

3:15 pm      Went to the market to get all new fruits and veggies to put into my borrowed juicer.

4:00 pm    Came home and did some math:

1 drug that compromises my immune system
+ 1 drug that also compromises my immune system
+ cold/flu season                                                                                         
= that tickle in the back of my throat means I’m headed for trouble.

My dinner plans:  hot soup and zinc lozenges.

Sniffle, sniffle.


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