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December 13, 2012

Tuesday was a good day.  I enjoyed it and greedily I want more of those good days.  Sadly, today was just a “meh” day.  I have no energy at all.  It took all of my grown-up-ness to make myself get moving and go to the gym.  I did not set any records for my 1.6 mile walk, but I walked it faster than if I had never left the house.

I am home and my bed is calling to me, but I am ignoring it (5:30pm).  I have enough energy to putter around in the kitchen, so I am making seitan.  I use the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance.  It is cheap, easy, and yummy.  It takes about 75 minutes, but 60 minutes of that time is simmering and requires no work on my part.

I mixed up the wheat gluten and other ingredients in my mixer:


I mixed vegetable broth and other goodies in a pot:


I cut the seitan into pieces so I could simmer it:


It is cooking now, but when it is done I will probably make “beef” and broccoli, jerk seitan (which causes my family to call each other “jerk” for the rest of the night), seitan stroganoff, and other yummy dishes.

Seitan does not taste like much of anything on its own, but cooked properly it is divine.

If you are interested in vegan cooking, check out Vegan with a Vengeance.



It is one of my favorite vegan cookbooks.


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