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Another Doctor Day

December 11, 2012

I was trapped in a double-feature movie theater this afternoon.

Movie number one:  Terminal starring Tom Hanks as a man who is stuck in an airport for days or weeks waiting for his passport to clear.  I was stuck in a doctor’s office, suffering through the normal “It’s Monday and we’re running a bit behind.”  Truthfully, I only waited about an hour for my test and then maybe another half hour to see the doc for the results.  I did not have any other plans so this was not a huge problem.  Poor hubby sat in the waiting room for nearly three hours though.

Movie number two: Close Encounters starring Richard Dreyfuss as a man who encounters aliens and all their flashing lights.  I had vestibular testing done today to see why I’m dizzy and having pressure in my ears.  I wore stylish goggles that had cameras inside them trained on my eyes.  I had to watch moving lights on a screen, then sit up and sit down and turn my head, then try to be dizzy and not get sick while they blew hot and cold air in my ear canals.  It would have been more interesting to watch this test that it was to be the test subject.

My review of the afternoon:  I was dizzy for a while but am feeling ok now.

The doctor’s review of the afternoon:  inconclusive.  They do not know why I am having these symptoms.  No news is good news?

My rating:  one thumb up.  And that thumb was for the chocolate cake I ate.


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