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Doctor of the Day

November 29, 2012

Today’s Doctor of the Day —  Ear-Nose-Throat.

I met the doctor’s assistant.  She had never heard of my disease nor some of the drugs I was taking.  She was interested in my damaged outer ears.  They are neat-o.

I met the doctor’s PA.  My disease was a new one to her, too.  “Like Lupus?”  Close, but no cigar.  She thought my outer-ear and nose damage was pretty cool too.  Then she put a really long tube up my nose and down my throat to take a good look.  Add that to my list of new experiences.

I met the audiologist.  She could not have been more than 12 years old and I fell in love with her.  She apologized for not knowing about my disease.  When I told her the symptoms that brought me to her, she said, “I think your tests today are going to be normal, but that we will have to do a blah-blah test.”  She also liked my damaged outer ears.

I finally met the ENT.  I saw him for five minutes (enough time to fondle my damaged ears and nose) when he gave me results and told me that there would be more tests.  Of course there will be more tests.  There will always be more tests.

The answers that I got today:  I have a hearing loss in my right ear, but it is considered minor (pesky!).  The insides of my ears look fine.  My nose and larynx look fine.  This is good news.

I need to have more tests in another two weeks, but I can not drive myself home since they will make me dizzy on purpose.   I hate that I have to ask a friend to drive me.  I think I will have to get used to that feeling in life.  I will work on this.

If those tests are not conclusive, I may get to meet a neurologist.  How lovely.

I am trying to focus on the good news: ear canals not collapsing, nasal passages not collapsing, larynx in good shape.  And I have a relationship with an ENT with baseline test results.  This will help in the future.

Doctor Days require chocolate.  Having a tube shoved down my throat requires extra chocolate.


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