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Little Things

November 23, 2012

Sometimes it is the small things that remind me that I am sick.

I travel a lot for work.  A Lot.  A LOT!  I am very used to hotels with yukky hairdryers.  This blog is still anonymous so you can not know that I have a lot of hair.  I am able to hold a hairdryer to dry this mane of mine, but my last hotel had a hairdryer that only worked when I held the “on” button.  It was so difficult to dry my hair!  My hands do not work very well and keeping pressure on that “on” button was more than my hands could do.  All I had to do that day was fly home so no one really cared that my hair was not styled as usual, but I noticed.  When the hotel sends me the “how was your stay?” email, I plan to let them know that the hairdryer added unnecessary difficulty to my day.  I am positive that it will change nothing, but I at least want my voice to be heard.

I arrived home the night before Thanksgiving and my family was at my house.  Husband, adult children, and extended family.  We ate a simple supper and than I went to bed.  Another little thing that keeps reminding me that I am sick:  I get tired so easily!

I am not sure how I feel about these little things.  I am annoyed by them, certainly.  But maybe I can see them as reminders to take care of myself and not try to do too much?


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