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Go Team Go

November 21, 2012

This disease is too much for me to handle alone.  I am putting together a team to help me through this.

  1. My family.  They are team members for life.  I hope they are putting together a team to help them if necessary.
  2. My friends.  They have been drafted.  They have no choice but to go through this with me.  There have been many breakfasts, cups of tea, emails, texts, and phone calls.  There will be many more.  I am blessed to have amazing friends.  They are God’s gift to me.  I cannot imagine my life without them.
  3. My pastor.  He is someone I trust, admire, and respect.  I covet his prayers.  He has offered unlimited support.
  4. My rheumatologist.  I called the rheumatologist in my medical group and asked if she could see me back in October.  She fit me in the next week, ran some tests, and quickly diagnosed me.  No muss, no fuss.  From what I understand, this is unusual and I am grateful.  My rheumatologist has a great assistant.  I can call and ask her questions and she will answer them or find out the answer for me quickly.  So far, so good!
  5. My eye doctor.  I have a great optometrist.  I have known him for over 20 years and adore him.  This disease can attack my eyes.  I called him, let him know what was going on and asked if he could be my “go-to” guy if my eyes were affected.  He is in a practice with an opthalmologist and told me that they knew what to look for and that I could call on them.  Phew!  I would have hated to lose my eye doctor, but I would have found someone else if necessary.
  6. An otolaryngologist (Ear-Nose-Throat).  My daughter was a frequent patient of an ENT as a child, but that sweet man retired.  My rheumatologist referred me to an ENT.  I called to make an appointment when my hearing started to decline.  I let him know my diagnosis.  He said he was familiar with the disease and would see me, but would refer me out if he was over his head.  Good answer!  I will meet him next week and find out if he is a good team player.  Hopefully he can help with the hearing and breathing issues.
  7. Linda.  She is a trusted friend who has counselled women with illnesses.  I think I am navigating my way through this disease ok so far, but I wanted to involve her.  This is all new to me and I may need some help dealing with the losses that this disease has brought and will continue to bring.
  8. Future team members: cardiologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist and others.

The main team members (family, friends, pastor) have been in place for years.  I have always required a team to keep me together!

Do you have a team to help you through life?  Are you a player on someone else’s team?


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  1. Bev permalink

    Thanks for letting me in! Always praying for you,

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