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November 20, 2012

I woke up to my alarm clock this morning and had a quick slightly healthy breakfast.  I drove to where I was working today and had a great day there.  I went out to dinner with my clients tonight and was back in my hotel room shortly after 8pm.

Today was a good day!  I had to ask people to repeat themselves a few times (pesky hearing loss!), tried to keep to a vegetarian diet at the restaurants, and had to remember to take my medications but I spent the majority of my day not thinking about being sick, not feeling sick.  I spent the majority of my day being the old me — not the new, sicker me.

I think that this is the first mostly normal day I have had in six weeks.  I never considered this possibility.  I think I expected to get sicker every day until I died.

I remember being shocked when I suddenly started to lose my hearing a few weeks ago.  Being shocked to feel normal is a much better way to be shocked.

I like it.


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  1. Celebrating a good day with you! MWA!

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